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Our Framework

Continuous Discovery

Quickly learn what your customer's most urgent, unmet needs are and build the right product now.

Build a community of target customers / prospects for the purpose of product validation. Easily capture insights and generate a clear, decisive output within 2-4 weeks.

LeapMotiv discovery framework
Leapmotiv discovery framework
LeapMotiv Pillars

Machine for Product Validation

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Discovery Platform

Single source of truth.

Optimize for learning velocity, remove time-consuming admin work, and build a master repository of customer evidence.

Using our in-house built Zoom integrated software, you can easily store all of your recordings in one place, and extract high-fidelity snippets for classification and easy sharing.

LeapMotiv custom bootcamp
Dedicated Support & Training

Discovery bootcamp for PMs.

Take the LeapMotiv Discovery Framework and run with it.

Our team will run the 1st brief with each new your team to establish best practice. From there, we combine classroom-style training along with real-world exercises to get your Venture Leads trained.


No capacity, no problem.

Turnkey discovery solution for CPOs that want to validate new ideas but don’t have the capacity to support new initiatives.

Our expert network of experienced entrepreneurs will run interviews with your target segment on your behalf. Quickly get results and learn how the best founders ask the right questions, get in touch with the right target customers, and maximize learning velocity. All call recordings delivered through LeapMotiv Platform.

Grant Munro
Jeremy Vo Discovery Call
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21 day

Avg. Brief Turnaround

"People need to understand the customer before building products."

Product Lead, AltaML

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10/10. Expertise, low-friction interaction, insane amount of leverage for our team.

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